Our Food

Did you know there are over 10,500 Fish and Chip shops in Britain serving over 250 million Fish meals every year? Fish and Chips are still the most popular Take Away in the UK. What makes them the favourite?

Is it the wonderful aroma, the unrivalled flavour, the warm comforting feeling that they provide or simply their natural golden good looks?

All of our raw ingredients come from known suppliers and we can trace, through the supply chain, the origin of every sack of potatoes and every piece of fish that we buy.

We only buy the best quality fish from Smales renowned for their excellence in fish. You can also be assured that their fish is caught from well managed stocks!

Our potatoes are the best Maris Pipers sourced from selected farmers in the Fens in Cambridgeshire and freshly peeled and chipped at our shop every day.

We remain true to the principle upon which the business was originally founded; fresh, simple, sustainable food prepared daily and fairly priced.

Fish and Chips are a wholesome dish and lower in calories than most take aways. They have been recommended by doctors for many pregnant women and were one of the only foods not to be rationed during the war.

Britain loves salt and vinegar with their Fish and Chips but depending on the region, mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy are all firm favourites.

This is why Fish and Chips are still the Number 1.