Missed order alerted chips shop owner to stricken customer

Mid Sussex Times

A chip shop owner who raced to help a stricken customer at home after missing her usual order has won praise for following his instincts.

Martyn Jupp, of Jupps Fish and Chip shop in West Street, Burgess Hill, became worried after Hazel Lee, 90, failed to telephone him with her usual order and he had not seen her for a while.

Mr Jupp left his busy shop and found a confused Mrs Lee on the floor at her house, after he gained entry through a door she had left open.

Mrs Lee is now recovering after being taken to the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

Mrs Lee's nephew, John Bonner, from Burgess Hill, said: "We are very grateful for the way Martyn reacted so quickly. It was really good. You don't get much of that sort of thing nowadays."